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muscle soreness

Does anyone around here get muscle soreness from strength training?

I never experience muscle soreness when training for strength.

I only get sore when doing high volume work taken to failure. And for me, quads are almost impossible to get sore.

I found it strange that CW suggests to train through soreness when the type of training he suggests (e.g. Anti-Bodybuilding Hypertrophy) doesn’t make me sore… Is this the same for anyone else?

I’m doing Anti-BB and I’ve gotten sore some, my traps are usually sore after deads and my quads after squats and my back gets pretty sore after the 5x10 on chins…I wouldn’t worry about being sore though…I don’t use soreness to monitor progress, I just try to add and extra rep or weight, I’ve progressed in weight or reps on exercises with and without getting sore…when strenght training I find soreness usually accompanies doing a new exercise or an old one in a new way…

i mostly get sore in my lower back and triceps

It depends on the person. Some people can do the same leg workout every week for a year and still get sore on it. Other people never seem to get sore, or very rarely. Which is why soreness isn’t a very good indicator of progress.

Dan “sore right now” McVicker

I get sore almost every time I lift, and I use weights all above 85% and reps never going above 5. I also do a lot of olympics and sprinting too though.

I get sore from thinking about squatting. It doesn’t matter what weight or rep range I use, the next 4 days or so I feel like I’ve been beaten with pipes.

The fact that you rarely get sore is a very good thing.
I’ve found those who tend to develop little soreness also possess high recovery rates. Even though my previous statement might sound like a “no-brainer,” muscle Physiologists don’t necessarily take into account the feeling of soreness as, whether or not, damage has occured. Many lifters who aren’t sore still show appreciable signs of muscle damage from muscle biopsies after training.
But, all in all, the clients who I’ve trained that develop the least amount of soreness also have the highest recovery rates.
Thank your parents!

Interesting post Chad! Now, if you are gifted with fast recuperation, shouldn’t you use that? By that I mean train harder? If your body allows you to do it, wouldn’t that allow for more potential results?
I’ve been doing your Anti-bodybuildling Hypetrophy program and it has given some serious muscle growth. Now, although my muscles don’t get too sore, my joints hurt all the more. Especially the shoulder and chest area. OUCH! I haven’t had any strenghth increase in my bench due to this pain in my shoulders. I tried laying off for a week but alas, I didn’t help at all. I can still bench according to the plan but somehow I get no strength increase. Sonovabitch roratorcuff…
Everything else is up. Thank you!

Just to add my own observations, I have noticed that when i trained as a teenager i hardly ever suffered from significant muscle soreness but now i can make myself sore after every workout. I am almost 30 BTW.

I may be working ‘harder’ (subjective i know) these days but i am sure my recovery abilities have dropped. And that is despite eating better, sleeping more, periodising workouts, doing less extra-curricular activity.

My workouts are and have always been high intensity, low rep strength training.