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Muscle Soreness on IM vs Sub-Q Protocol

So I was doing daily sub-q for a while and felt good. I decided to try EOD IM and it’s now officially been 6 weeks. So far my libido is much higher on IM but I’ve noticed that in the mornings I’m extremely sore and in the gym I don’t have as much drive. I find myself having to push through. When on sub-q I had to make myself leave the gym.

Daily sub-q (abdomen) totalling 185mg/week
Total T - 1999
Free T - 36
E2 - 77

EOD IM (outer delts) totalling 185mg/week
Haven’t tested yet

Anyone else experienced this? I guess it could be something else causing it but I started feeling this way about a week after starting the IM EOD protocol and wanted to wait 6 weeks in case it was just my body adjusting. The first week of IM I felt the best I’ve ever felt period but I’m thinking it may have been that the test from the sub-q was still releasing and I just had a larger amount of T in my body for that week (thought about that for a total of 3 secs so could be totally wrong).

Also, no change in gym routine. I did the same workouts with around the same weight. So it wasn’t that I started doing new workouts.

I am sore a lot now. When I was competing and training heavy 3-4 times a week I was NEVER sore from anything. I had low T then (didn’t know it). Now I’m suffering the next day and I do not workout as hard or as long.

I wonder if maybe my T level is lower doing IM and that’s the reason but even if that’s true I would think it’s still over 1000 so that doesn’t make sense.

I am only sore with normal T levels. When I had low T I never got sore from the gym, and I did some pretty crazy stuff back in the day.

I wonder if your E2 has been continously climbing since this last blood draw?
Your Free T is about where I run mine but my TT only needs to be about 900(120mg/wk) to get it.
I also use HCG at 800/wk and an AI to keep my E2 in the 20’s


It’s definitely possible. I’m going to get a blood test this week and see. Will be cool to see for once what the difference between IM and sub-q is (for me at least).

Oh I misread that. That’s interesting. I’m going to get a blood test this week and see what is going on.