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Muscle Soreness and Recovery


Can someone explain why this is so? Why is it that when i train my legs, for the next 3 days my muscles are so bad its uncomfy to sit on toilet and walk up stairs. Yet i never get this with back muscles or shoulders? I dont think ive ever had achey shoulder muscles!


Take what I say with a grain of salt, b/c I am new to this, but I have found isolation to be far more important when targeting most of the muscles in my upper body. Legs on the other hand, I do not find it hard at all to target and feel (and it's been this way since I started).

You might want to look into refining technique, altering the rep range, just lowering the weight and throwing in more "pump exercises", pre-exhaust, etc.


the bigger the (trained) musscle is the bigger the doms are!! LOL becuase of this you could train with more frequency the smaller groups...
btw,I never had delts doms ,no matter how heavy and volume i did,the same for bis...with just a 20 reps set of legpress/box squat I'm done for days...


Makes sence! Im like you, can train my delts until the cows come home thinking "im not gunna be able to lift me arms tomorra" yet there all good!! Chest seems to fall in between. Sometimes i get it if i change somthing, reps whatever but legs get me everytime!!

Just finished back squats b2b with lunges #savage!!!

followed up with some all out squat reps to get the blood pumped in there


Don't rule out scar tissue and adhesions as contributing factors to muscle soreness. I remember when my hamstrings would be brutally sore for several days after doing any posterior chain exercise, I'm talking SEVERELY sore for up to 5 days. Got several treatments of deep tissue massage and now they never get sore, unless I do some crazy shit in the gym.


Im the same way. Make sure you stretch good and drink BCAA's all day.