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Muscle Soreness and Carbs+Proteins

Just wondering what ratio of Proteins:Carbs you all ingest during periods of EXTREME muscle soresness . . . during the meal 60-90 mins after your Surge, of course.

AFTER Surge:
20 minutes: Grapefruit Juice
40 minutes: Cheap Whey + 40 grams sucrose
60-90 minutes: Some form of meat + vegetables, sometimes with higher GI carbs like Pasta, Rice, or Potatos…

Normally EXTREME muscle soreness doesn’t occur until well after the workout, hence the name DOMS(Delayed onset muscle soreness). Lonnie Lowery says consuming high amounts of carbs during these periods may actually be harmful because your damaged muscles aren’t as receptive and your insulin sensitivity is decreased. This extreme soreness usually results from heavy eccentric training.