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Muscle Snatch v Mil Press - Complete Power Look Program

Hi coach,
I am about to start CPLP but cannot do push press due to hand injury, but can do muscle snatch and mil press pain free. Coach or others, Which lift do you recommend?(pros/cons), and any advice on assistance would be much appreciated.

ps-would like to work shoulders & traps

Thank you!!!

I would likely do the muscle snatch and use the military press and wide grip behind the neck press as assistance lifts

Thank you coach for your time!

One more question for phase 2 & 3 assistance what do you think of,

Phase 2. Wide grip high incline half press (weakness)
Snatch grip high pull from the hang (overload )

Phase 3. Snatch grip low pull from the hang (overload)

Thanks again CT

Well I don’t really like the low pull as an assistance for the muscle snatch, I don’t see much transfer from it. Power cleans or power cleans from the hang have a better transfer.

ok coach, thank you !!!