Muscle Snatch to Overhead Press Ratio

As title says, is there a rough estimate of Muscle Snatches to OHP ratio?
I know the Muscle Snatch is supposed to be somewhere in the range of 60-70% of regular Snatches, but I’d need a comparison to OHP for someone who doesn’t (can’t) train regular snatches.


According to this article ( Know Your Ratios, Destroy Weaknesses ), overhead press should be roughly 68% of your snatch so… Do the math from there.

EDIT: Damnit, did the math for you. Assuming muscle snatch is 65% of your actual snatch, your overhead press would be 1.04x your muscle snatch.

Thanks a lot for looking into it!
I’m a bit perplexed tho, I expected the Muscle Snatch to be higher than OHP: wider grip/less ROM, more acceleration of the bar due to the initial pull, I would have said 5-10% higher than OHP on average.
So as a guideline, if I wanted to train Muscle Snatches in the 3x3-5 reps range I should use roughly the same weight I’d use for OHP in the same range, give or take a pair of lbs

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If your muscle snatch is anywhere close to your OHP, you are probably performing one of them incorrectly or have a hyper efficiency in snatch (seee below).

And there’s this…

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I’ll have to give it a try first, my OHP is not very high at all, I’ve never done the muscle snatch except a couple of light sets to try the technique