Muscle Snatch Sets/Reps


After your recommendation of muscle snatches with a clean grip, I have been doing them 2* a week now and have loved the impact that they have had.

I have been doing as you suggested:
ramp to 1-3rm

I’ve hit a wall with this exercise now but don’t want to switch back to focusing on high pulls just yet so for variation do you have any other good set/rep schemes to use for it?

Thanks CT

Hey, I’m not CT but why don’t you just apply the normal layers? (Ramp, clusters/straight sets, HDL)?
Then just adjust accordingly to your goals.

I find that since they use the vast majority of your muscle mass, complexes work great as a kind of HDL layer.

I usually ramp to 1rm, 2 sets of clusters or heavy sets, then a combination of complexes totaling 4 sets of 2-4 rounds.

-had great gains from these.