Muscle Snatch in Look Like a Bodybuilder


In look like a bodybuilder program, is the muscle snatch wide grip? Is it possible to do the clean grip muscle snatch instead (or on the upper body pressing days?)

Also, what are your thoughts on doing the sets emom, would you get a greater effect for growth? (Or even body recomp as its a nice way to increase density)

Thanks you coach

Both can be used effectively… from experience the wider grip seems to work a bit better for traps and the closer for shoulders

It likely is more effective provided that performance doesnt go down

EMOM muscle snatches? I might try that on my LL/PL Log. As for the grip, how about doing every other set with the clean grip?

Thanks coach, I want a real focus on the whole yoke so I think I’m going to do clean grip on pressing days and wide on pulling days,

Emom sets just feel better for me anyway so good to hear.

Thanks CT