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Muscle Snatch Form


Today was the first day of me trying to learn snatches. Please critique the form.

Pretty good.

Not the first step I would (or the usage curriculum) would teach for learning a snatch.

What would you recommend then?
I was focussing on few moves currently ; muscle snatch, High Pull, snatch grip overhead squats and snatch grip deadlifts.

Its pretty sequential.

“lift off”… stay over bar, clear the knees

Learn that.

Rebend… set the knees under and get to the power position.

Learn that second.

Pull under

My iPad is shit for responding, so I can’t do it all in one post.

Learn the parts, then tie it together. Hand snatch variations are my favorite tool becuas they take the speed and momentum out of a long pull, and force you to pull under and catch low.

Not bad but you don’t bend the elbows or barely. You should do some high pulls