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Muscle Revolution Question


Hi, in the book muscle revolution it has work out regiemes where i think it is asking for a superset.
for example
A1 seated calf raise 4/6 60
A2 leg curl 4/6 60

If im correct in thinking A1 must be supersetted in A2 then is it asking for a 60 second rest before i superset it?
i.e i do SCR rest 60 seconds do leg curl Rest 60s do SCR rest 60 sec etc
or have i got it wrong?

thanks for anyone who can clear this up for me.


you have it right


excellent, thanks matt. one last question. when i say etc am i correct in thinking that i keep doing it untill ive finished all sets, or just 1 set of SCR and 1 set of leg curl.


I don't have the book, but it looks to me like he is advocating 4 sets of 6.

So calves for 6 reps.

60 sec rest

Leg curls for 6 reps

60 sec rest

Rinse and repeat for 4 sets.