Muscle Revolution Question

Hi, i plan on following the regieme
Goal: Increase strength and lose fat
Order of programs: BBB, TTT, SFM, WM, BBB, TTT, SFM, WM, BBB, TTT, SFM, WM

However im confused. it says that each program will last a month,
BBB goes upto day 19. after day 19 should i repeat BBB again or move straight onto TTT?
thx for anyone who can clear this up for me.

Is that your genetic code?

no no. its from the book Muscle Revolution. please only reply if you know what im on about. thanks :]

I was just tryin to make a funny.

Go up to day 19 (in other words finish the program) and go on to TTT. You can repeat BBB later but don’t repeat it twice in a row.

thanks m8. i thought i had to do that, its just 19 days seems a bit short thats all :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought you just invert the sets/reps and stick with BBB for another 3 weeks.

any other thoughts on this?