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Muscle Repair and Protein Timing


I'm in a shit situation in terms of diet. I'm a FFB in the process and have dropped from over 250 (over 30%)to around 210 (16-18% fat), I achieved this simply through stupidity and hard-headedness to be honest seeing as I was consuming around 1000 calories daily. My intentions are to get into single digits. This isn't the shit part, here's the shit part:

I live at home (like most 17 year olds) and therefore the food being bought isn't within my control, I often have to fight cravings while an entire 12 pack of Krispy Kremes sits within 15m of my reach. Due to the credit crunch my mother is doing the most stupid thing I could think of: just because of price increases she's BUYING LESS TUNA AND CORNED BEEF. To top that, my brother bodybuilds and consumes eggs like a behemoth, just because he eats a lot of them she buys less of them (I know, it's irrational). I've often found myself hiding the sources of lean protein as soon as they are bought.

So I guess I'm protein rationing, I hate it. There's nothing I can do about it. So here's the question, assuming I have a fixed amount of food high in protein per week, how should I go about consuming it?

Should I consume 70% of it before and 2 days after the workout (in a similar fashion to carb cycling) or do I just consume the same amount daily?

Also, how long after a workout are my muscles being repaired? DOMS isn't a good indicator of much, so how long after my workout are proteins being synthesized at a greater rate than normal?