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Muscle Recovery


Do muscles recover faster than connective tissue and joints?

I read that connective tissue does not have a strong blood supply and blood vessels so that's why they can't recover like muscles do.


Yes. There is a lot of connective tissue that really won't repair on it's own, or will do so very slowly. A torn muscle will recover much faster than torn connective tissue, and much of it is due to blood supply.


Yea, it's the main reason connective tissue doesn't heal - since none of the good stuff in your blood can get to the damaged area.

But there are ways around it - right now I am undertaking PRP injections into a damaged tendon. This involves the doctor taking some of my own blood and injecting it directly into the affected area.

I just got my second treatment today and I can already tell the difference. :slight_smile:


Muscles are the most plastic organs in the body,which means they are the most adaptable to training stress/activities.


Fuck man, I've been reading about this platelet treatment lately. Fucking incredible.

Is yours for epicondylitis? Sorry to hijack, but how has it felt so far? I have a few clients with some tedon problems, and the studies are a little skewed.

Thanks in advance.


How long (on average) does it take for most people's CNS, joints and connective tissues to recover from training?