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Muscle Question: Which Muscle(s) are Antagonistic to the Trapezius?

For all you muscle trainers:

Someone recently said that the traps are the new abs. That’s an interesting concept.

Okay, here’s a related question: Which muscle(s) are antagonistic to the trapezius?

Is it a trick question?

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Ummm… I don’t know that one. Educated guess - pecs

This is not a trick question. But Jeff60 is in the ballpark.

The lats.

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It’s not the lats.

Is it some pulling muscle in the mid or lower back?

Intercostals? Boy I don’t know, this is a tough one?

What about Serratus Anterior and pec minor?

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Different areas of the traps are responsible for different movements.

I’d say: for the upper traps, which contribute to scapular elevation, I’d say the pec minor is an antagonist.

Middle traps, which retract the shoulder blades, would antagonize the serraturs anterior and the pecs.

For the lower traps, I’m not entirely sure, maybe the levator scapulae?


Here’s what you need to do.

Mount some dip bars and go to the top position. Lock your elbows and keep them locked. Try to move upward with your head and put your crown on the ceiling. Pause at the top-most position.

Now lower your entire body and head as far down as possible – while keeping your elbows locked.

Practice doing this several times.

Maybe you can move 2 or 3 inches – that is your head will go up 3 inches, and if viewed from ten feet back, your feet will drop approximately 3 inches.

I’m not sure what to call this movement, maybe a torso shrug.

So, here’s the question: If you do the torso shrug for 10 slow, smooth reps, where do you feel it?

The answer is the muscles that are opposite, or antagonist, to the traps.

What are they?

It’s called a pec minor dip

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I’ll stick with pec minor and Serratus Anterior.

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You feel this movement under your collar bones. The best answer is the pectoralis minor muscles.

Paski and samul were on target. Good going, guys.

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well I would say that the lower traps are also antagonists to the upper traps.