Muscle Pump Around Temple After Chewing

Holy chit. When I chew a lot, like a steak or protein bar, I get a cramp and pump near my temple. I looked in the mirror and it looks mental. Swollen looking freak face.

Anybody else getting this??

I have gotten something similar to that when I’m blasting. Are you on right now?

Are you sure you don’t have TMJ developing instead?

Yeah 8th week. Never had anything like this so doubt its TMJ. Its a muscle pumping. All my other muscles are doing likewise.

What are you on? Test doesn’t usually do this.

500mg test e/week. 30mg anavar 50 mg proviron

First cycle. 36yrs old.

Gained 20lbs so far. Strength is way up.

its probably the var. This has happened to me, got serious ab cramps if I stayed bent over for too long

When I hit abs hard I get sick cramps as well. Not too concerned. Got 4 more weeks to go. If it’s still around after I’ll get it checked out. Other than this, cycle has been amazing and body looks great. Wish I did it 6 years or so earlier, Pussy seems to be flocking to me now. Not sure if Im giving off high test pheromones or what. Maybe the extra confidence. Now I see why people talk about chasing the dragon and never doing just one cycle. Can see how this is addictive,

What do you have planned for PCT? Did you do blood work before or during? Have it planned for afterward?

First cycle… wait till u enter PCT, that’s when the fun starts. Go from that superman feeling to meh… especially when the PCT isn’t done properly.

Is it muscle pumping or actually twitching ? Twitching involves small muscle contractions in the body. Your muscles are made up of fibers that your nerves control. Your nervous system could be in overdrive. It could be the Var causing cramps, that’s a reason I don’t run Var anymore.

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Thanks for the mood kill bro.

PCT. Clomid and Nova. ZMA for night and sleep. Keep eating the same and working out with same intensity.

As someone else said, it’s the var. Happens to me. Try decreasing your reps and resting longer between bites :slight_smile: