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Muscle Pulls and Steroids

I have been playing baseball all my life at various levels and starting experimenting with steroids about five years ago. I do a annual cycle of 3-4 months that consists of Trenbolone Acetate, Test Prop, Winstrol, all done individually and at fairly low doses (350 mg/week). Im happy with my results and doses.

Over the past few seasons I have really been havign problems with muscle pulls and tears. Mostly in my hamstrings and hip flexors. It has gotten to be quite annoying to say the least.

My question is am I doing the wrong gear?? Do these certain steroids cause problems in this department.

Can anyone suggest some preventative measures I can do this offseason to try and avoid muscle pulls and tears during season. I have been thinking about yoga maybe and lots and lots of stretching!! Any help is appreciative.



People have joint issues with Winstrol, not sure about tears though. Tren is notoriously harsh also.

If I were you I would go with a longer ester of test because your cycle is long as hell, people tend to use prop for shorter cycles because the effects are noticeable much faster. I would also throw in some Deca and Anavar or Deca and Primobolan.

Deca helps people’s joints, maybe it’ll help you. Primo and Var are both famously mild yet powerful, they are expensive though.

I would guess you’re doing the wrong gear…

I did a similar cycle 4 years ago and will never again combine those three compounds. I was on test prop @ 700mg/wk, tren ace @ 525mg/wk and winny @ 350mg/wk. I made great strength gains and hardened up like nothing before. My speed also went through the roof during the first 3 weeks. Despite intense habitual stretching and warm-up routines I managed to tear a hamstring in week 4, then a pec in week 5 and by the end of the cycle…my other hamstring.

I’ve since run test/tren together 4 times with no muscle tears, although I do notice that tren causes my hips, especially hip flexors, to be very tight all the time. Dropping the winny did the trick for me, but I can see where tren could pose a problem as well.

As far as recommendations for other gear, others may have good suggestions, but my experience is limited to these three compounds.


You said you ran them all individually. Does this mean you did a cycle of test, then a cycle of tren, and then a cycle of winny with no overlap? This would be dumb.

It would also be dumb to use winstrol or tren (at that dose) in season for sports as both of these (especially winny) will result in stiffer, yet more brittle tendons due to their effects on collagen synthesis. You’ll also experience extra muscle tightness with these drugs that will persist even if stretching is done.

You’d be better off using these for strength training in the off-season (no practice that involve agility or change of direction drills that can stress tendons and ligaments). While in-season using a low dose of testosterone (and maybe deca) will provide you with all the benefit you’d need.

Other drugs will either make you too stiff or cause too much water retention.

All great info! Thanks a lot, I think the key is in season I should change my use of certain drugs.

I remember when I first started I ran strictly Sustanon with no problems and even Sust with Winny with no problems.

It is been since Ive introduced tren and done winny alone that I really feel tight all the tiome in my upper legs.

I started to shy away from Sust as you mentioned because of the water retention, so do you guys feel its ok to run Test Prop during season??

Would running something other than Winny or tren be ok?? If so, suggestions from other athleties from what they run during season would be great!

Thanks for all your help as I prep for next season :slight_smile:



Go with deca it is a lot better for atlets.
Unles you get tested that is.