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'Muscle Profiling?'


[i]IFBB Pro Irene Andersen Cleared of Steroid Distribution Charges in Swedish Muscle Profiling Case

Swedish police have exonerated IFBB pro bodybuilder Irene Andersen of steroid distribution charges. A May 6, 2009 news story published by the Swedish newspaper Expressen.se had implicated Andersen in the possession of anabolic steroids with the intent to resale and distribute. The Swedish newspaper has since admitted to Andersen?s attorney that the sole basis of this allegation was based on a single confidential female source. The source has since been discredited and appears to have been motivated by a personal vendetta against Andersen.

MESO-Rx has obtained police documents confirming that Irene Andersen was NOT involved in steroid distribution. Irene Andersen was interrogated by police in Sweden during a series of steroid raids during the week of April 20th, 2009. Police interrogated twelve top Swedish bodybuilders, including at least two IFBB pro bodybuilders, during an exploratory investigation into steroid distribution in the region.

The raids were not based on any evidence of steroid distribution but primarily on ?muscle profiling?. Swedish police targeted bodybuilders for suspicion of distribution based on physical appearance. The raids did not result in any distribution charges among those interrogated; Swedish police only discovered personal use quantities of steroids for bodybuilding purposes.

Göteborg police confiscated small quantities of bodybuilding supplements including ephedrine and clenbuterol, consistent with personal use, from the home of Irene Andersen. All supplements were subsequently returned to Andersen except for a single vial of Winstrol (stanozolol). Anderson was fined approximately USD $200 as the penalties for personal possession of anabolic steroids in Sweden is comparatively low.[/i]

Okay, obviously IFBB pros take steroids, but after the incident with Toney Freeman last week, I thought this write up was especially interesting. The BBer in question, as well as several others were all found to have in their possession enough for what is considered personal use, but as usual, (law enforcement trying to push charges as far and with as many as they can), they try for a distribution charge. This line in particular stood out to me:

"The raids were not based on any evidence of steroid distribution but primarily on â??muscle profiling"

Really?! Muscle Profiling?! I'm not quite sure what to think about this...



If you are bigger than the average cardio bunny watch yer back...

No, but it's kinda fucked up. Why don't they just wait outside of bars to catch dd'ers? Oh yea because business would dry up.

There's plenty of people they could target and bust for random shit.


Makes you wonder if they also do "Rate of blackness"-profiling.


Wow...and people from Sweden were acting like the Toney Freeman case was one in a million.

That country has problems. I am not sure citizens would accept that in America once the truth came out.

They are destroying people's lives based on "I think he has too much muscle"....and they are looking like idiots for it.

The sad thing is, we actually had Americans who seemed to agree with it in the last thread.

So, all it takes is for one woman to say, "he has too much muscle" and they can search you, toss you in jail, and literally MAKE UP charges all for the sake of ridding the country of big muscles?





So much for "progress" =/


"The raids were not based on any evidence of steroid distribution but primarily on �?�¢??muscle profiling"

that quote sounds like an opinion of the author or a question the author is addressing as a possible reason. not a quote taken straight from the police.


Is it me or does this sound like the type of stuff that went on in Nazi Germany?


It's police policy in Sweden to profile based upon muscularity and size. This isn't made up at all.


I guess that works for them kind of crappy when you turn up innocent.

I read that she had "approximately $4,500 worth of anabolic steroids"

Is that a lot for a person to have at one time for personal use?


Muscularity is a serious problem and needs to be dealt with.....


...Yes.... But you are not alone. Thousands of people suffer with this disformity as well....but with the help of Normalix (along with poor diet and no excercise), you can rid yourself of this problem.


If anything its cause those Cops who have no muscle feel extremely inferior. Only reason I can think of why you would arrest somebody on their size alone lol.


There's far worse profiling than muscle profiling in America and it receives very little attention. I think the only nation with citizens who really care about this is Testosterone Nation. Steroids have quite a bad stigma attached to them anyway.

If there are any Swedish users on this message board: are there any groups speaking out against the profiling?


I have to agree with golden. Is that a problem? Yes. But being as we haven't settled... well, you know, racial profiling yet... why would anyone be surprised by this?


Um, maybe the fact that one is the result of ignorance while the other is the result of specific government policy and law makes them just a little bit different?

This would be more the equivalent of Jim Crow laws, and we did solve that.


Cops do wait outside of bars to pull people over. What're you talking about?


There's far worse profiling in America? Like what?

Profiling someone cause they're black or cause they're gay/straight, Mexican, have big muscles or because they're a man/woman... It's all the same thing. It's still profiling/discrimination. Why is one so much worse than others? It's all messed up, wrong and shouldn't be tolerated


It's definitely worth thinking about, whatever you feel about drug use. I'm certainly not pro or against steroids, my attitude has always been that you can do whatever you want as long as no one else is hurt in the process (unlike drinking and driving). But, and I guess this is the thing that really made me pause,.. what if you know,.. I mean you 100% KNOW that someone has done something illegal (or course in this instance, I doubt the cops have degrees in pharmacology and are acting merely on stereotyped uninformed 'knowledge'),.... but you have absolutely no way of actually proving it other than somehow pressuring them to admit as much, but in the process essentially trample their rights to due process (the whole Superhero dilemma of not 'sinking to their level'?), would you do it? Are you really making the world a better place, or are you just stepping one inch further away from democracy....



Those laws might receive 1/1000 of the attention Jim Crow laws received if they're lucky. With the already existing anti-steroids sentiment in America people would forget about the ACLU fighting for the freedoms of the muscular people of America faster than a news network could switch to the topic of Brangelina.

People care very little for those with the physique of a bodybuilder, why would they be up in arms over them being profiled when racial profiling receives very little attention?