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Muscle Pharm Assault


Has anybody tried this? I've heard nothing but good reviews about it from a few friends that have tried it. I'm debating whether or not to pick up a bottle. Let me know how it worked for you. Thanks in advance.



For a long time I refused to try any pre-workout, I was nervous to become dependent on them. Needless to say, last summer I picked up MusclePharm Assault and well, it was great. I've tried various other pre-workouts like 1MR but I actually just ordered another tub of MusclePharm. Great tasting, not overpowering but what I consider the "perfect" pump - stills feels like it's natural. Go for it man!


I use it once or twice per week in 6 week cycles, and I prefer it to Jacked; it feels like a cleaner prewo. The Arctic Berry flavor goes down nicely.


I like my new preworkout combo. BCAA's, beta-alanine, creatine, and alpha-GPC. If I need some extra boost I'll drink a cup of coffee.


sucks IMO


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personally, i find that any of the ones that I've tried tasted like sh*t but worked, so if your friends say it tastes fine, and they thought it worked, then why not grab a tub, or try Biotest's Power Drive, or Spike.


I like to boil a couple of white potatoes, boil a couple sweet potatoes, shred up some cooked chicken and eat it. That's my pre-workout supp. Great pump, no caffeine, works wonders. Priced fairly decent too.

Now Post workout is a completely different situation.....