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Muscle Pain


Hey guys, I've got some nagging pain in the two areas that i've drawn a little box around. I have tight hip flexors, so I think that could be responsible for my knee hurting a little, but i've got this nagging tightness/weakness on the outside of my left pectoral that kind of intercepts with the top of my bicep via the arm-pit.

I hurt it the first time dipping about a month or two ago, and i've been laying off the dips and sticking to BB bench press and incline DB press. I do the wall/doorframe stretch for the pectoral muscles pretty frequently, so unless i'm missing a major chest stretch, I have no idea what else to do about this.


i tore some fibers in the same exact spot on my left pectoral muscle about a month or so ago. i can finally bench again although i get a wee bit of pain now and then. one thing i would suggest is doing 5 sets of 10 reps of widegrip pullups a couple times a week. i dont know why but it seemed to help me regain my strength faster than i had been when doing nothing. lay off the bench for another week or two and ice it some to let it recuperate further. i know it sucks, i almost beat my head against a wall, but put down the bar. good luck and heal fast!


Have you considered going to a massage therapist? Could just be some scar tissue or something. Just a thought


Heh, you are looking pretty lean, you might want to eat more... :wink:


I'm glad you like my palm striations... it took a lot of work.