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Muscle Pain ?


I was just wondering if anyone has experienced this problem - just after my workout today, I got a knot-like pain in my forearm after a workout, which felt a bit like an injury. It's hard to describe, but the odd thing was that I can only feel it when the muscle is contracted. Strangely enough,

1) there is no pain when stretching the muscle
2) no pain on palpation..

The thing went away in 1-2 hours.

I've been working out a long time so I realize it's not normal, it doesn't feel like anything even remotely close to DOMS or Lactic Acid. Is this something to worry about ? Should I lay off weights for a while ?


Charley horse. This generally results in death.

However, considering you will die one day anyway, it can not be credited with the actual cause of death.

This is very common if it actually is what the symtoms describe. They don't always feel the same as the ones you may get in your leg or hamstring area. It doesn't mean you should avoid training the area.




thanks ... serious replies please ?


How long have you felt that pain for?...I've had that before I dont think its anything to worry about it goes away pretty fast. Its just like a sore muscle or some shit..well thats what I always thought of it as...I think you like sorta "injured" the muscle or something...I dont know man...but it goes away pretty fast..like a few days.



He was serious.

Wouldn't it be wicked though if it were some exotic disease that caused the muscles in the wrist to cramp up mimicing a charlie horse, then suddenly after three days jumps to the heart and makes it explode all Alien like! Man, that would be the shit!


What made you think it wasn't serious? You got an answer. You expected this to be a disease?


Well said. A lot of these posts want major medical explanations for basic shit, their thinking is "It can't be that simple". News flash, most things are that simple. You lift weights that are heavy and it doesn't feel good, you put the weight down it feels better, that's the way it is supposed to work. Lifting weights is supposed to be uncomfortable. Makes me think of the saying, "I'd lift weights more consistently if they weren't so damn heavy".