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Muscle over rib cage?

How do you get muscle over the rib cage? Will tornado training, or that new article about abs help? If anyone has tried them or knows the answer, I would appreciate your feedback.

That new ab article will help a lot. Anything with bending to one side or twisting will be really good for that.

Are you referring to the serratus? If so, then any torsion training protocol will work. Coach Davies has an excellent program, if memory serves. Also, hanging side to side leg raises are probably the easiest and most practical way to start.

Coach Davies’ ab program in the latest issue will definately help. Also, pullovers and turkish get-ups will help develop all the various musculature of the torso.

I was reading articles over at http://danjohn.org and saw this and remembered your post.

“Pressouts. I learned this trick from Pacifica Barbell Club coach Dick Notmeyer. Simply, at the end of any overhead lift, including presses, jerks, or push jerks or presses, finish the set with “pressouts.” As you stand tall, with arms locked out overhead, bend your elbows so the bar moves no more than three inches. Continue to do this up to eight times. Now, put the bar down. As simple as this seems, this exercise builds the whole support system. Soon, you may notice the serratus muscles, the “fingers” on the rib cage, becoming a lot more noticeable. As your body tightens to compensate during the pressouts, you are building support strength.”

I haven’t tried this, but I do Overhead presses, and my serratus are quite noticeable. Also, I remember Chris Shugart saying the same things about OHP (Overhead Presses) also hitting the serratus well. Plus, of course, low bodyfat will help show that portion of the torso.

to quote Charles Poliquin, look in the mirror. Whos that fat guy staring back in the mirror? Its you. If you cant see your serratus, then you are too fat.