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Muscle on Very Tight Budget


I've been training for some years now. My diet is relatively poor because of financial limitations. These are some pics, as I tried to meet the requirements for posting.


All pics at around 190 lbs, almost 6 feet tall.


Some more:



Haven't trained my legs for 1.5 years!


20 inches at my best, 190 lbs, heavily pumped:


why dont you train legs?


Because of priorities. At certain point in time, they were m,y fav bodypart.

And let me put something related to that and to the ratings I recieve, perhaps: I have absolutely no competitive aspirations!


Spasiba. Looking solid.


You look like some of those 80s 90s wrestlers. You should work your legs.


Not bad, dude. Gave you a good rating to try to balance out some of the overly critical dickheads around here.


20 inch arms at your weight/height are no joke. I think if you had access to more food and a squat rack, you could turn some heads. Very good upper body.


are your arms really 20 inches?


What is wrong with Criticizing him because hes not doing legs? IMO he just doesn't care enough about his legs to make time for them if hes able to make time for his upper body which is about 3-5 hours a week he can add 1 more hour for legs but maybe im just being a "dickhead" .


About 18.5 up to 19, at the moment, cold. What you see on this picture is really 190 lbs on almost 6 feet, and 20 inch arms - but post-workout and really heavily pumped.


I don't like chicken legs, I just like mine the way they are. You can see the pics, they aren't THAT bad, I believe.

Will this pic help raise the rating? Made today, at 189 lbs:


well they are 'bad' relative to your upper body. I dont believe you when you say "I like mine the way they are" I think you just don't want to put the work in on them or maybe you just like showy muscles.


Actually I do intent to do some leg work. Not to much, not too heavy - besides I have some back problems, therefore leg press and isolated leg movements. October-November.


A recent one at 190 lbs.


And my best arm-weight ration - 19 inches 190 lbs.