Muscle Milk

anyone heard of this or use/used it ever?

i talked to a trainer today about gaining some mass and that was what she said is a good idea to check out. i looked breifly online and there isn’t much info on it, so now its in the hands of the tmag crew!

thanks in advance everyone

Its a pretty good product. It tastes real good for a protein shake. It’s a little expensive though. This alone is not gonna get you huge. You still have to lift, sleep and eat like a monster.

By reading the values its a P+C+F meal/PWO shake. If you’re following the P+F and P+C diet this would not be the best product to use.

Check out Surge. Its a great product. I use it after almost every workout. I didn’t like the taste at first but now I love it. Its a bit pricy but its well worth it.

Also if you’re looking to gain "mass’ check out this link Strength Training, Bodybuilding & Online Supplement Store - T NATION

It never ceases to amaze me how some people can use a supplement company’s forum to ask about another company’s products.

Muscle milk is nothing more than overpriced supped up milk!

I enjoy the Muscle Milk product. Nice tasting stuff, easy mixing… not for someone on a diet or someone trying to follow a strict P+F or P+C protocol.

You can buy this stuff online at reasonable prices. I use this stuff a lot because I simply love the flavor… and yes I use some Biotest products as well, mostly Tribex.

I think Muscle Milk is good for someone trying to keep their weight up or gain weight.

I like it for the flavor, but a full serving is a lot of carbs and fat both. But one scoop MM plus one scoop LC Grow works pretty good.

Try Banana Cream MM plus choc LC Grow, god that’s good stuff.


Thanks, I’ll have to try that!

Best tasting shit out there bar none (that I’ve tried anyway). I use the cheap ON, good tasting for the price but I buy my skinny teenage son the muscle milk its the only thing he will drink.


Just buy some grow mix it up with some milk and there you go! You will never beat Grows taste.

i like it worked great for me a while ago when i was bulking. I will probably buy it again in a while

I used to use Muscle Milk all the time. It tastes great and has decent numbers, but Ive stopped using it as of late because of an article here on T-mag. In the article “The Naked Truth - Dangerous Creatine” by David J. Barr he talks about G-Amine, which is in Muscle Milk. In the article it states…

“But wait, there?s MORE! Order now and you?ll get another potentially dangerous ingredient for free!” One particular supplement (“SWOLE”) combines GPA with another potentially dangerous substance known as Glycocyamine (G-amine). Sadly, G-amine (also known as guanidinoacetate) has been picked up by a few different supplement companies who obviously don?t do any research on what they?re getting people to ingest.

The reason G-amine is so popular (from a marketing standpoint, not from the consumers?) is because it is the precursor to creatine. Just like Testosterone can come from andro, creatine comes from G-amine. The theory is that you jack up G-amine levels and you get a whole bunch more creatine. The really asinine part is that, you can just directly take creatine!

Unfortunately, consuming this chemical seems to have the undesirable effect of elevating blood levels of a substance called homocysteine, which is a very strong risk factor for cardiovascular disease (Stead et al., 2001). Cardiovascular disease is easily the number one killer in the Western World, and the last thing we need to do is increase our risk for it. Conversely, taking creatine decreases homocysteine levels, raising even more therapeutic possibilities for this supplement. As if to spit on your grave, if you?re supplementing with creatine, G-amine may also decrease its uptake by muscles (Zugno et al., 2003)."

Take this information however you want. As for me, I threw out my Muscle Milk, and wont touch anything with these ingredients in them. I also dont want to touch anything from a company that doesnt do enough research on what they’re putting into their products. Now I just stick to Grow!. I know that Biotest looks into what they put into their products and I trust them.
Personally I’d rather have a healthy heart than a good tasting protein.

Ingredients of Muscle Milk:

Muscle Milk tries to disguise the G-Amine by calling it EndoCreatine.


Great post!

It is DAMN delicious, though.