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Muscle Milk Before Bed?


I have been having a muscle milk shake before bed for the past few months. I use 2 scoops MM and about 12oz water. I was curious what your guys opinion on this is? I have tried looking at egg protein but it's just way to damn expensive..


I don't think it's a bad pre-bed protein if your bulking. I'd still put a tablespoon of flax oil in it, and I'd mix it with milk rather than water.

If your cutting, I'd use something with less fat.


if you are going to eat something before bed, then I'd say muscle milk is great

its got bags of the right kind of nutrients, & it's high in fat & protein which will give it longer gastric emptying time & make it more of a 'slow burning' fuel.

depending on your goals, a pre-bedtime meal may not be the optimal idea in the first place, but if I were choosing one muscle milk would be up there


With milk that would put it at like 700 calories wouldn't it? Would you recommend just a regular whey with flax then? I was under the assumption that the fat in the muscle milk was good for a pre-night time shake. Most of the egg protein and night time proteins ive looked at are 25-30 dollars for 15 days worth, i can't afford that. Thanks


I always thought a bed time meal was neccesary? In what conditions wouldnt you recommend it?


It's a good product and very reasonable choice for night time.


Cottage cheese and peanut butter.


Guys, you're much better off with a product that contains large amounts of micellar casein.

The micellar casein turns into almost a gel, and the protein is slowly and evenly absorbed for hours.

That's why about half of the protein in Metabolic Drive is micellar casein.

Read "Nighttime Blues" here:



Why not add canola oil to Grow! if you want the fat? That where most of the fat in Muscle Milk comes from anyway.

This way you'll get more protein and you won't have to use a product that contains supplemental iron, which is something most men should avoid.


So if i were to use 2 scoops Metabolic Drive, would you suggest flax or canola oil? which would be better for night time? Also how much should i put in? thanks


I'd rather add olive oil, flax seed oil, coconut oil, or Enova.

You'll have to take into account you daily goal for fat intake in order to determine how much to add. There isn't necessarily an upper limit. You just need to determine what you need.


A few tablespoons of cottage cheese with a scoop of orange Metabolic Drive work great for me. Add a little milk if it's too dry.

Just be careful to avoid supplements that are high in carbs. You don't want to load up on carbs right before bed.


Unless they changed things recently, the fats in Muscle Milk are MCT's, which are fast-burning just like carbs. Kinda silly taking a supplement designed to supply you with energy right before bed, isn't it?

Personally, I won't touch Muscle Milk. On other forums, I heard a lot of hooting about how great it tastes, so I ordered a bucket a LONG time ago to try it out. Cookies n Creme tasted like someone ate a few oreos with milk and then puked it up. Yummy. I can buy a pack of oreos, feed it to my dog, and get that same great taste for $3!

I'm also leery about MCT's in general. Bottom line is it's a saturated fat, I don't care how much you tout its benefits or superiority over carbs, I won't intentionally put that shit in my body with any sort of regularity. I just don't trust it. I've heard stories of it raising cholesterol levels, so why risk it when there are plenty of other risk-free alternatives?


There's better stuff out there, but ease of mixing goes a long way.

You wouldn't make a shake out of only Metabolic Drive and call it complete for pre-bed, would you?

No, it needs other stuff.

You could, conceivably, just pour it in milk and pound it. Plenty o' calories and easy as hell.

Bottom line, if you've got it, use it.

If you're interested in other stuff start with a quality protein like Metabolic Drive and go from there.

(I liked it when it was called Grow! Much easier for my lazy ass to type)


Other than Metabolic Drive, Muscle Milk is the only other shit I will buy(even though it's been a long ass time since I have). It tastes pretty damn good(the Chocolate Milk flavor that is, I've tried a few other flavors..GAG!), and isn't a bad alternative when you need to shove some calories down your throat. It is also fairly cheap.


I don't know man i don't really count my fat or any other stuff, i just need something to keep me full through the night. So about 1TBS of flax should be cool? Also where the heck is the Grow!? I cannot find it in the store on this site, thanks guys.


PSSSSSTTTTT...It's in the super secret elite section. You can only buy it if you can do a double body weight bench and triple body weight deadlift. Gee, I hope I don't get kicked out of the club for telling you this. Bites nails


Click on the T-Nation store and scroll down to find Classic GROW! MRP.


The protein supplement before bed particularly the Metabolic Drive sort of Micellar Casein thing can be used again, if you wake up to use the bog. Although the Casein is working slowly so to speak, you can maximise gains by having more about halfway through your kip.

Or have the Metabolic drive in case you don't wake up and if you do wake up have a whey protein in milk or something. Don't take whey in water or juice at night.


Why does Metabolic Drive have such low protein content? 2 scoops is only 27 grams? What do you guys think about this one - Matrix 5.0