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Muscle Milk And A Runner? Do They Mix?


Hey im a runner for my highschool and i was wondering if it would be wise to take muscle milk because it has creatine?


would Low-Carb Grow! be a better choice?

but please answer the first question bc im really interested in taking muscle milk!


Couple of thoughts.

1) While I think creatine if a perfectly good supplement, I do not believe it does a whole lot for someone who is an endurance athlete, per se. It helps more with strength/power/explosiveness and such as well as putting on some weight (which it looks like might be your goal from some of your other posts). Might want to check in with some of the contributors for more details on this.

2) I'm a big fan of Low-Carb Grow! myself - it's just a quality product. Not sure why you seem so keen on Muscle Milk because if you really want to use creatine, just buy some plain micronized creatine since it is not that expensive.

3) Muscle Milk is one of the products that uses glycocyamine as a creatine transporter, which Dave Barr pointed out in a good "Dangerous Creatine" article is something you very much want to avoid:


Hope this helps.



when i was racing bikes i found creatine very helpful at maintaining high to near max power outputs and heart rates and especially recovery from interval situations/attacks.


I'm a mid-distance/distance runner for college, I can give a little more insight on my experience with creatine and running.

If you're gearing towards a shorter race (400-1500/mile), the creatine definitely will help with your first 200 meters and last 200 meters (800 or 1500). Creatine is also okay with long distance runner, as long as you don't train weights heavily. Personally, in the off-season through lifting 5 days a week and running about 50 miles a week, I still put on 10 - 15 lbs in 4 weeks, which is something you want to avoid.

On the topic of the muscle milk, that stuff is garbage. You don't want to drink something that has 25 grams of carbs, 18g fat, 26 g protein. The fats prevent the carb absorption postworkout and used as a MRP, the carbs will drive the fat right into the cells.


i totally agree. muscle milk is an overly marketed low quality product. though ill have to say some flavors are delicious. most people wont recomend it...

Low-Carb Grow! is a higher quality product, though it still may not be quite what you are looking for...


well i dont know really know exactly what im looking for i have ON whey protein and i need a good supplement that has some casein in it to take before bedtime and stuff or just another product besides whey...

im not wanting to take straight creatine though if thats whats you were thinking...

What supplement might be best for me you think. Im 17 year old male long distance runner whose trying ot gain more lean muscle mass...dont say my diet ihave it under control lol thanks


Well, if you have your diet under control, then you shouldn't need much to put on a little lean muscle mass. I would say make sure you're sleeping 9 hours a night, but 8 would do. Also, for supplements, the ones you find on here are the best. Surge is what you should take postworkout (running or lifting) and Grow! is a great protein to have if you can't get in that mid-morning, mid-afternoon meal, and especially pre-bed.

However, if you have a really really tight budget and cannot afford them under any condition (nothing to sacrfice, such as going out to eat, buying "designer clothes", or anything to that extent), then you can find some whey hydrolysate(isolate is ok), maltodextrin, dextrose, bcaa's and mix them together. Sometimes the mixture might not taste the greatest, but it's better than it was even 5 years ago. Mixing your own ingredients will also consume some time every sunday, that's a usual thing though, just put them in plastic bags. Grow! is basically one of the cheapest low carb proteins you'll find on the net with the quality casein. However, if you cannot afford that either, I would say just use a whey concentrate, I did just fine off of that for about 1-2 years in high school.