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Muscle Memory

I stopped lifting about a year ago and then I went on a serious diet with alot of cardio and dropped 30lbs (fat and LBM). Now i just started working out about a few weeks and I am much weaker than before I even started lifting my first time. Now im trying to build up my strength back and hopefully gain back all or most of the LBM that I lost. Now I remember reading something about muscle memory a few years ago, which was about if youve worked out before in the past how your muscle and strength builds up much faster when you start working out again, … Like your muscle tissue has some sort of biological memory.Does anyone know from experience if this is true or just a theory? Just wondering.

Muscle memory does exist. To what extent probably varies person to person. I do remember reading though that building muscle the first time is the toughest task. After that, muscle is rebuilt easier the second time around than initially.

Muscle memory is real. That was a terrible approach to losing fat that you took. But I’m sure you know that. No use crying over spilled milk. What does the training and diet plan you use to regain your muscle look like?

It also depends on your “lifting age”. If you’d only been lifting for a short time and not very intensely, then you won’t have much memory, woever your body is at that beginning stage so with good information and good effort you can make great gains. Now, if you’ve been lifting for 10 or 15 years with some good intensity, then yes, muscle memory will serve you well to regain losses quickly.

My training goes like this

Bench 5x5- then 2 more sets with 10 reps
Bicep curls- 5x10
Back cable row- 5x8
Shoulder (pull down)- 5x8
Dips- (no weights) 4x15
No cardio training

I heard that compound exercises are best for beginners so thats what I stick to for now. I get in around 2000 calories a day with 160-200 grams protein and my current BW is 165lbs (gained 6 lbs since I started lifing 3 weeks ago- some bulk, some fat). I also take multi-vitamins, muscle milk, ECA before workouts, arginine akg, and glutamine. I just bought some creatine though I havnt started taking that yet. My goal is to gain my strength and size back thats why I am using lower reps with heavy weights.

muscle memory worked for me i went from 340 to 275 benching during football season went back the gym and gained it all back in about a month