Muscle Memory

Hi all,

For all the 40+ guys here, how has age affected your comeback after a layoff?

I know the younger guys can bounce right back to within a couple of lbs of their greatest former lean mass within a month, I imagine our comebacks are longggg…

but just how long?? Your stories please gentlemen!!

43 here and starting back with 5/3/1 after 18 months off.
How long will it take? Going on previous lay offs, 6 months. I’m just keeping it simple in the gym, eating plenty (even if not always great quality), topping up with vitamins and creatine and seeing how it goes.
Want to get back to these in 6 months (in kilos)
140 Bench
90 overhead press
190 deadlift
160 squat

Feel sure I can beat them if I don’t get lazy or let work and the rest of life get in the way.

Good luck!

No no I was talking about size, not lifts!!