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Muscle Memory..

Long story short…Lifted 20 plus years. Divorce, back injury, and a move and have not been to gym in 4 months. Longest time off in 20 years. Heading back under weights on March 1st. Scale weight shows I have lost 16 pounds. I assume mostly muscle, I have not gained much fat. Amazing how fast the human body atrophy muscle when it doesn’t need it.

How long do you think it will take to put back to where I once was?

Not long at all as long as your nutrition is good. I took two years off in my late 20s, lost about 40 lbs of muscle. It was ridiculous how quick I gained it back. I literally had growing pains at night.

shirts didn’t fit in a couple weeks.

I’d say 3 months if you are working out hard and eating good. I took over a decade off and figured it would take me at least a year to get my old size back. I was, still am, quite a bit fatter than I was when I was in peak condition, so when I started working out again, my plan was to LOSE weight. I cut my calories and included 10 mile bike rides through the mountains 3X per week with 5 weight workouts per week. Rather than lose weight, I gained and gained! It didn’t level off until about the 3rd month. And I lost fat in the process. That’s my experience, FWIW.