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Muscle Memory in Powerlifting

Hello, Kieron here with a question about muscle memory. I haven’t powerlifted for 6+ years but when I was 16 I could do 150kg squat, 85kg bench and 170kg deadlift. I’m now 22 and wondering will I be able to gain my strength back more easily over the next year of lifting? Like would I be able to get those numbers in a matter of a year compared to it taking 2 years to get up to those numbers beforehand when I was 14 up to 16 years old? Many thanks, Kieron.

You will find out soon enough no?

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Probably not when I’m running 5x5 lol. Those were my PB in the gym/competitions when I was 16. Im just asking if anyone has experience with muscle memory.

First, what’s muscle memory?

Is “muscle memory” like remembering movements you’ve practiced before? Like you never forget how to ride a bike?

Or is “muscle memory” when you have extra nuclei in your muscle cells so they grow back faster?

How much did you weigh at 16? How much do you weigh now at 22? When did you have the most muscle?

When you returned to the gym and tried the lifts did you Remember how to do them? Or were you clumsy, like you had Forgotten them?

I mean like extra nuclei in the muscles so they grow back faster. I weighed like 75kg when I was 16. I now weigh 106kg at 22. Only had my second session yesterday and I’ve remembered the form and moves correctly.

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You’re 50% bigger, you’ll surpass those lifts in no time!

Just be sure not to rush too fast, you do to want to blow up your shoulders and knees

I’m mostly fat though.

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That’s definitely a Confounding Variable.

I won’t even try to get into the discussions here about cell nuclei and whatnot, but it’s unnecessary. The quick answer is absolutely yes; you will regain those lifts much faster than it took you to attain them in the first place. Anyone who’s achieved certain lifts, had a long layoff, and them come back to lifting will attest to this. You will probably surpass those lifts in a surprising amount of time as well; something about layoffs, even extended ones, helps prepare the body and mind to conquer new ground.