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Muscle Memory and Steroids


These numbers are just to vaguely illustrate a point, 100% doesn't mean I was at my genetic limit probably etc etc (though certainly not a noob)
Ok, lets say that natural training took me from 40% to 100% and I did a cycle 5 years ago that took me to 150%. A long period of illness took me down to 50% and I managed to finally train back up to 75%.

If I do another cycle, pretty much mirroring the original cycle, even though i'm at 75% at the start this time as opposed to 100% when I last did it, will I still get fairly close if not exactly to the same 150% (becasue, steroids)

Er, I hope that's understandable haha.
Thanks guys.


I mean, even if you aren't at the limit of your genetic potential I have
heard that steroids will still take you quite far past them even on a
basic first cycle! So I figure, the 25% difference in the two cycles
starting point, it would pretty much laugh at and do something crazy
even if it's build 6lb of muscle in a week!


not really a question anyone can give a definite answer to, hombre


I thought you said you have done a cycle before.


Yeah I did. 500mg test, was extremely good. Not sure if it took me past my genetic limit though, but very likely lol.


Fuck it I'll do it as an experiment. Ill come back in a few months and report.


You figure you can gain 6lbs a week on that amount?

Who are you?

Kevin Levrone?



No offense but you sound like an idiot. I left the curse words out.

Lift strong. Meaning lift with a weight you can manage. Eat. Eat .Eat. Eat.

If you can't lift right, then no test for you!