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Muscle Memory and Cutting


Hey there, i finally registered :slight_smile:
I have a question for you experts;)
I'm starting my cut next week, my current weight is 200 lbs and my BF% is 28, i'll go for a 2000 cal diet 30% carbs, 50% protein and 20% fat ( only essentials more or less) Im going to have a big breakfast then train an hour later and then a big meal again ( about 1300 cals breakfast and after training meals all together( Considered big on a 2k cal diet :slight_smile: )

My question is, ive been lifting weights from i was 16-23 and my max was 232 lbs with BF% around 13, now that i start up again im 29 and alot more fat :)havent trained from 23-29.

Will i be able to gain muscle even though im in a 6-800 cal deficit due to beginner and or muscle memory gains?

Best regards G.


I would say you can gain strength since you haven't lifted in 7 years but you will not gain muscle on a calorie deficit.

Prove me wrong though.

Good luck.


I'm pretty sure what you read about muscle memory is when injury forces you to take like 4-6 months off...not 7 years...lol.


http://www.pnas.org/content/early/2010/08/02/0913935107.long .....


strength is mostly a neural motor pattern skill, so your strength will come back just like riding a bike, at least to the degree your current musculature can support it. hypertrophy on a reduced calorie diet will be minimal to zero unless you are one of those genetic freaks :slight_smile:


if you are trying to lose fat i would recommend reading about carb nite, and carb backloading by keifer.


Have you tried the carb nite solution yourself? I've read the 3 first chapters at his site and it seems intersting, however, ofc it does when its on his own site :slight_smile: So if you have any experience with it i would be glad if you shared it :slight_smile:


I am doing carb backloading, and have been losing fat while gaining muscle. In fact my results have been quite good considering how little thought i put into it. I haven't tried carb nite but my friend dylan got pretty lean on it. Here are some more sources if you haven't found them already,