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Muscle Memory, a Question from Denmark


Hello my fellow Bodybuilders:)
I've decided to create a profile on your board, since we only have one board in Denmark and it kind of sucks, was great once, bad now, any way, that's not the point:)

I have a question for you pros out there....

I've trained since i was 16, serious training(juiced as well) from i was 20, and stopped again at 25, due to my GF threw the dog out, then my clothes out, and finally me out:) had to work my ass off to get a new house etc etc, so i never came back in the game again... however i want to start again, i've finally got the feeling back that i can't live without training.

I've gained some fat over the years, so i want to start out by cutting, since it's more fun to be lean and then bulk, so you can see the results, rather than end up with twice as much fat as i have now, and then start to cut.

I know it is not possible to gain muscles and lose fat at the same time, but my question, will it be doable due to muscle memory even under a calorie deficit? Cause i don't really like the idea, that i might end up as a stick with no muscle what so ever, then i prefer the chubby guy:)

Thanks in advance for your time.
Best regards Gozzah


Bump, anyone?


It is possible to gain muscle and lose fat simultaneously in certain situations, especially beginners. You need to include more information about yourself for anyone to be able to give you any advice. Specifically, you will get more responses by listing your age, height, weight, and posting a picture.


You didn't mention how long you haven't trained for.
Muscle Memory is real, most people can rebound quickly if they haven't trained in few months.
If you haven't trained in a long time and are deconditioned then your body will respond as if it were newbie gains.
Either way get back at it and you will see results!


I am 28 years old, 81kgs atm, down from 105kgs when i stopped, i havent lifted a weight for 3 years:( i know, it's sad:)


You'll experience newbie like gains once you start back up.


LOL! What did the dog do?

Yeah you'll get the muscle back pretty quick due to muscle memory. If I were you, I'd eat just over maintenance for several months, that way you'll recomp quite well (provided you're in the gym enough and lifting hard). By recomp I mean add muscle and lose some fat.

I'd definitely get that baseline training up again (discover how your body responds), then see where to go from there...don't diet straight away.


if your just starting again you can easily change your body comp to lean out while your lifts wil lincrease due to just starting again and youll add muscle. Just lift heavy and eat healthy and the results will be fine.


Yeah similar to what bignate said, I think diet is going to be the biggest thing if you want to build muscle and lose fat. With your muscle memory you're sure to see some solid gains initially. Try eating just about maintenance, but eat extremely clean. Have majority of carbs at breakfast and pre/post workout. Have very limited carbs at dinner, none at night. Keep protein high. You'd have an amazing transformation with your experience in the gym and muscle memory. Gotta remember to put the time in in the kitchen too.


Sounds lovely guys:)
Murph already planned to do it that way, however, i will eat what my maintenance is with out workout, so it will still be minus 500. Hehe and i will spend time in the kitchen, don't you worry, that's what made me fat hehe:)

Its_just_me, i know, but want to be slim and fit again, then i can always bulk later, right now it's just so i can get into something that looks just a little bit like shape.
What the dog did? no idea, took my side hehe...
Thinking about a 40/40/20 diet, if it can be done, or else it must be 50/30/10 or something like that and fullbody 3 times a week, with some cardio the days i don't train, how does that sound to you guys?

Edit: just so many years since i was in this game, so i have to refesh all the cowboy tricks, so if you have some that all OMGish, bring em:)

Night night from Denmark:)


Basically, it'll be like you're a newbie all over again, so you just have to take advantage of the fact that gains are going to come quickly...which means you'll be able to add weight quickly and train often. I wouldn't try changing routines, there's no need (just go on a 2 or 3 way split and work 100% on it).

You'll get much more muscle to fat gains compared to if you were just starting out from scratch.

How fat are you? I wouldn't be overly concerned about fat levels unless you're well over 15%.

When you start back up again with training, there's quite a big difference between maintenance intake while not training, and with training (I'd say more than 500 cals)...because not only will you have the extra exercise, but also the extra muscle which speeds up your resting metabolism.

I'd eating enough to hold your weight, then you'll fill out (the muscle to fat ratio will be better). Even though you'll be eating around maintenance (which will change when you train and needs to be altered), you'll likely lose fat too. So although you're gaining, try to get this whole "Lee Priest" bulking mentality out of your head, it's not that extreme :slight_smile:


poor dog... what a c***. anyway i have dont have any first hand experience with muscle memory gains but i did have my newbie gains.

IF you have more time i would try doing a Yates style routine and just LIFT (not much cardio) as many days as recovery allows.

check out the thread by Cephalic_Carnage in the T-Cell for variations if youre interested.

also if you arent prone to overeating or undereating i wouldnt worry much about macro ratios right now. but if you're like me and it puts you at ease start with the 40/40/20 and adjust from there


Yes, the dane is back;) Thank you for all your answers, and your time, i have one last question, and thought i might as well put it in this thread, Whey after workout or EAA before and after workout?


I wouldn't worry about the little details like this; you simply need to eat enough, including overall protein, and don't over-do it :slightly_smiling: Train hard and often with enough volume, and pull back every few weeks to recharge, keep cycling like that...that's all you need to concentrate on just now.

By the way, I'd go for the Whey (it's cheaper, tastes better, and has everything you need), I've never been convinced over the whole EAA thing...never gave me better results.


Hehe i had the same idea, so i think i will go with the whey... 1 Month untill i start, can't wait to get back in the game... and in a few months, i can tell how it went:)


Hehe i had the same idea, so i think i will go with the whey... 1 Month untill i start, can't wait to get back in the game... and in a few months, i can tell how it went:)