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Muscle Memorization


I always had a question about this, and i just wanted to clear it up once and for all.

Im a basketball player that is doing ball handling drills on a daily basis while lifting 3x a week. Does the increase of my muscles make it easier for the memorization part that is needed to be a great ball handler?


No. Playing with balls makes you a great ball handler. And... squats and milk. Ha ha.


Proprioception can be increased by weighttraining but proprioception is only the BASIS to learn motorskills. On the basis you need to "repeat, repeat, repeat" the actual skill you want to learn.


Mmm. Nothing like a great ball handler ....


If your question is "will weight training help me be a better basketball player?". The answer is "of course it will"


Lol of course i know lifting weights will help me in basketball, it already has but im just wondering.

guess how strong you are is completely different from the muscle memorization part of the body.

thanks for the responses!


What are you talking about?

It seems that you've confused 'muscle memory' with something else.


Your muscles don't actually store information. Bigger muscles do not equal more/better muscle memory.


yeah that type of "muscle memory" i think the OP is referring to doesn't exist