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Muscle Media's 15 Rules For Skinny Guys

Hey! Did anybody read the “How To Gain Muscle Fast: 15 Rules For Skinny Guys” in the April/May Muscle Media (A co-worker gave me his copy cause frankly I don’t buy this shit).
Anthony Ellis has claimed to have put on 35 pounds of muscle in 12 weeks. Am I missing something here? I’ve basically made the same transformation adding 30 pounds of lean muscle but it’s taken me 14 months. I have my nutrition down, hit the gym hard, and take my supplements some EAS brands just as him and I can’t make these kind of gains in 12 weeks. (Maybe his supplement list forgot to mention supplement “S” or something) or am I off base here.

Guys have gained 100lbs of muscle in a year, or 12lbs in a week, or 30lbs in 6 weeks by doing breathing squats & eating lots of food, so gaining 35lbs in 12 weeks isn’t really a big deal.

Also I don’t think you know how ignorant it sounds when you just say someone must be on drugs out of hand just like that.

I would be willing to bet $100 to a donut hole that Anthony Ellis carb-depleted himself for a couple of weeks before taking his before pictures. You can tell by looking at him that he looked unusually flat. I basically did the same thing when Bodyopus was all the rage. I tried Duchaine’s suggestion of going two weeks before carbing. In addition, in my stupidity, I was only on around 1400-1500 cals/day and hitting the cardio hard in addition to weights on 20 g. carbs/day. I took pics right before my carb-up, and I literally looked like a concentration camp victim. After a two-day carb-up, I looked totally different. Now imagine if someone did this and had 12+ weeks to keep improving. Not real difficult to put on “lbm” if you start out in a severe carb-depleted state.

“Guys have gained 100lbs of muscle in a year”. Clean? Do you know how ignorant THAT sounds? Unless you are refering to someone who just came out of a coma and has recovered from their withered state. Even then, 100 lbs muscle!?!

That’s how guys got huge before steroids were even invented. The only real secret is to go to the gym & get serious. Squat big weights for lots of reps & drink no less than 4L of homo milk in a day.

Got to go with sewerhooker on this one. 100 lbs. come on! Anthony I have two thoughts on. Either A. Steroids or B. He was big before the contest. Wanted some money. Starved himself down to that weight and then started working out and eating right again and gained it all back. Just a thought. Peace

Peary Rader needed 2 years to gain 75lbs though, but it seems like he was a real hardgainer. He came across the stuff Joe Hise & Mark Berry came up with after years of making hardly any progress & right away gained 10lbs in the 1st month & ended up 65lbs heavier after 2 years. When he first started, he used the barx20 & worked up to 365x20 over the 2 years. That was all in the 40’s I think, about 15yrs before steroids got developed.

35 pounds in 12 weeks is a big deal in anyones language.

The only reason I got to thinking it was roids was in the start of the article he claimed that he had been training for 9 years with little or no gains. My thought on this is even if you use bad form light weight after 9 years, you should still make some kind of gains. I’m not taking anything away from anybody that can put on muscle or even goes to the gym. My problem is the time frame. I’m very serious when I go to the gym, I bust my ass with nutrition and the weights and it took me 14 months to do the same. If EAS supplements are doing this then I’m going to buy them all.

100 lb natural lean mass gain in 12 months? HAHAHAHA!!! Maybe for a 15 year old that started off as a 97 lb wrestler (I’ve seen this happen), but for an adult? Dude, you’ve been reading too much Muscle & Fiction! Maybe you could post the names of these genetic freaks for us. Also, by homo milk, I think you are referring to homogenized milk (or maybe it’s the new San Francisco Homo Workout), but I think you meant to say whole milk.

If Ellis was a first timer those gains are highly possible.Remember those first gains? I gained about 25lbs in my first 4 months and I was haphazard in diet.I didn’t count calories,grams protien,anything.So if Ellis is up on his diet and supplementation I think this is very possible.A 100 grand(amount?) is a good incentive to focus,or cheat.Either is possible.

Stingray, sorry I really didn’t directly address your concerns in my other post.Everyone gains at different rates.Don’t worry about comparing yourself to other guys,unless you plan on competing.30lbs is nothing to sneeze at.So what if it took you 14 months.I’m sure most here would thrilled to gain another 30lbs in 14 months.I think you’ve done great and should be proud of yourself.

I put on almost 35 pounds (from 205-240) in 6 weeks the first time I used creatine. Not sure how much was muscle/water/fat. But the mirror didn’t give the appearance of a lot of fat gain. Until those 6 weeks I considered myself a hardgainer. Now I consider myself a genetic freak at 270 and approx. same amount of bodyfat 3 years later. I blew threw what I thought was my limit and have now changed my mindset and that has helped dramatically.

Ive wondered about that transformation since I first seen it too.Not only is he bigger but he is still lean at the end of two weeks.Ive put on 40 pounds myself over the last 6 months but by no means is it all lean.If he did it all natural good for him.Something just isnt as it seems there.

“When he first started, he used the barx20 & worked up to 365x20 over the 2 years”

on what exercise?

Believe it or not, people where I work, think you can gain 2 or 3 lbs of muscle every 2 weeks or so!!(LOL)

When Joe Hise gained 29lbs in a month (from 180 to 209) he went around telling everybody & nobody believed him, so it’s not like you’re all alone. Back then everyone thought they could make huge gains just because someone else did. Now everyone has a reason for NOT making huge gains, like genetics, drugs, not training as if there’s a gun to their head, etc. pnasty is right too though, noone has a time limit on getting big & strong & depending on the rep range you might not get much bigger at all. & underdawg that was 20 rep breathing squats.

Have you guys seen the Body For Life Video.
This guy FAILED A DRUG TEST and was only allowed to compete because Bill thought “the results of my tests were conclusive” meaning he over ruled the drug test because he felt like it.

Ellis did not fail a drug test. He failed a lie detector test. His drug test was clean.