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Muscle Media on CD ROM

Good News. Muscle Media is planning to release a CD ROM in September that contains all the issues from the beginning until Aug. 2002. This is so cool because we get go go back to their glory days when they were a hard-core mag. And those who whine about the direction the mag took being all soft can finally shut up! I can’t wait to get my CD and read Duchaine’s column and TC Talks.

I cant wait for that. there are some issues i missed in the beginning that i would like to read.

Great post. I have heard nothing about it, but then again I never go to the EAS web site. This post prompted me to go into the garage to pull out the old box of MM2k, about the third issue in was January 1996, on the cover “HMB new drug-free mass builder! This stuff works BIG TIME” Yeah, I’ll check out the web site to buy the CD just for Duchaine Rants (R.I.P. had a ton of respect for him Buttmunch was the best), T.C. Talks was great. Next issue I got to was Feb. '96 with T.C.'s History 103… WOW, just came across the “Golden Man” issue July '97. Is T.C. predicting his online future in Nov. '95. Anyone know off hand (just to settle an argument with a BFL worshiper at work) which issue Bill talks about his steroid use and also which issue Bill has his fat-ass before pictures in?

Are you sure they’re going to reprint all of the old stuff? The new housewife MM readers would shit a brick of they read TC and Duchaine’s stuff! Or how about when Bill would answer Reader Mail with “Fuck you!” And how about where Shawn Phillips got ab etching lipo and then came out with an ab training book… oh wait, they never fessed up about that. :wink:

Will they include Bill’s articles on steroids? Bill admitted to using them in the video and in the mag. Fuck, he started MM as a steroid newsletter and wrote a steroid book! Most of his naive new “fans” don’t know this. Rumor has it he was also a roid dealer in the old days, and I heard that from people who worked for EAS back in the day.

The ad on the website says “The Muscle Media Encyclopedia CD-Rom features every word, photo and illustration (including the Inspiration photo sections) from the past 10 years of Muscle Media, from Spring 1992 through August 2002. It’s the perfect time-saving solution for researching resistance training, nutrition and supplementation.” Can’t wait to get my copy.

what gets me is in the new MM, there is a section on “fraud” or some title such as that in the industry were MM revelas bad advertisements, supposed lies in ads and what not - I wait for when they name of fess up about Shawn Phillips and his ab-etching as well as how there own nutrition writer faced criminal charges in Nebraska and how they fired Vince Andrich after catching flak for their SR Review #4 or how they misrepresent reserach that they paid Matt Vuchovich to do, I could go on and on, but the point is, well I am not sure what the point is - oh yeah - their fraud column is not in if itself honest.

I went looking for the ad and didn’t find it on the site. where is it located at?

What happened to their nutrition writer and Vince A.?

The ad is located in the PRINT version of this month’s Muscle Media (the 10th anniversary issue or something like that). This month’s issue is gold and has a dude with a dew-rag on his shoulder.

I mean head. not shoulder.

The ad is at www.musclemedia.com.