Muscle Media Encyclopedia CD-Rom

Hi muscle family - had a copy of this years ago but it’s lost to the sands of time… :slight_smile:
Have been trying to find another copy with no luck so far… has anyone got/know where to get one?
Would love to read all of TC’s great articles and get all nostalgic about the golden 90’s era again!


I have about 3 years of the printed mag. Best I could offer is small pictures of all his old articles :smiley:

Ha thanks :slight_smile:

Man, I didn’t even know there was such a thing (MM2K CD-ROM)!

Wow, if anybody had one I would have thought it would be you! Will track it down one day surely…

There was a file/copy floating around the net but seems to be gone now.

Looks like this…

I kinda’ left on bad terms. Was pariah-ed. Still have all my old paper issues, though.

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I have a copy of the Muscle Media encyclopedia CDs. With permission, I would be delighted to share them on the forum with a Google Drive or Dropbox link.

TC Luoma, you were absolutely a pioneer. I love looking at your old work under your name and the pseudonym, “Hacksaw Hawkins.”

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Hey Thanks! Sure, I have no problem with you sharing anything from those CDs.

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Great news! Hoping you can share a link soon - and thanks TC - an honour and a thrill to have you comment on this thread :slight_smile:

Regards, Michael

Here you go, gentleman:

Muscle Media Dropbox

Let me know if the Dropbox link works for you guys.

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Seems to have worked fine… thank you Sir - I have been looking for this for years!! Happy days :slight_smile:

Nice of you to say. Thanks!

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