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Muscle Media and Bill


I know that Musclemedia sucks, so does EAS…

Does anyone know what happened?? where is Bill phillips now.? does he still own EAS or Muscle Media??? and also the BodyforLIfe, does bill still have something to do with it…or is Bill planning on getting to create another mag that is comparable to the old Muscle Media before… (?)

I believe bill is kicking back on Maui living on his massive profits incured by 90% of t-mag readers, going mainstream and increasing his mag sales, and selling it at a nice profit, leaving many of us in the lurch wondering what the hell happened and real pissed. This turned out to be the best thing for all of us because out of all that shit rose T-Mag, which as far as I am concerned is at least 3X better now than muscle media was in it’s hardcore heyday, but I’m preaching to the choir.

I think (not sure) that Bill Phillips has retired his duties of overseeing the business aspects of the magazine and EAS, and probably acts as a ‘consultant’ and does appearances, book signings, etc. for the Body-for-Life contests. He’s one RICH motherfucker!