Muscle Maturity?

I’ve heard the term ‘muscle maturity’ but don’t know exactly what it means. Does it occur with age or does it come after regularly lifting for some years? And how does it affect the body’s appearance?

It mostly is used in a competetive bodybuilders context. In my opinion it comes from putting in a certain amount of time under the heavy weights the muscles begin to look denser, and well when you see it you know. Find pictures of young bodybuilders and then more recent ones and often times the physique has a different quality look to it that develops over time.

Thanks for the info Scott.

beginners can usually put on size pretty quickly. but to obtain that really nice shape and solid looking hardness takes years of relentless training.

Make sure you are lifting heavy if you want density. Heavy training stimulates protein deposition into the myosin filaments, making your muscles denser.

I hear this all the time, but I’d really like to know the definition of “Muscle density” as assessed visually. Sounds like bollocks to me.

i suspect it came into being way back when older guys looked more ‘dense’ simply by having lower bodyfat (skin is thinner when older). That was before using weird stuff to diet and dry out.