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Muscle Maturity

When I watch bodybuilding contests on TV, I sometime hear the announcers mention muscle maturity? What exactly is it?

The only thing I can think of is that “muscle maturity” is slang for a more advanced muscle in regards to motor unit recruitment. bye.

When they refered to mucle maturity, they are refering to the look of a muscle that has been trained for many years. When you first train a muscle, it gets bigger, but you don’t really get deep striations and a look of real hardness until your muscles are “mature”.

Perhaps it has something to do with the muscle getting off it’s ass and working itself out? Damn immature muscles.

Striations and hardness come from having a low bodyfat. You don’t suddenly develope striations after having trained X number of years. It’s simply more muscle.

A muscle is mature when it can hoist a can of beer without getting arrested.

It’s like when your triceps aren’t jealous of your biceps anymore …

Actually, I think it’s caused by myosin density increasing. The muscle doesn’t get “bigger” but it sure gets better.