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Muscle mass

Whats up guys, i am 5’11" and right now 160 lbs, NOT GOOD, i used sustenon 250 for 10 weeks and got up to 187 and i was pretty big for me. i am 18 years old and i am thinking about another cycle, but i am looking for ANY advice on what i should use this time, b/c this will probably be my last cycle for a long time so i would like to keep some of it…thanks alot for any help at all :slight_smile:

Don’t do anymore for a few years. Eat right, build on the basics.

This is no flame, and I think most will agree, you’re too young!! I was young and skinny once(135 @ age 19–no shit), now I’m 23 and slightly less skinny (175) and about ready to start first cycle. My point, grow more naturally, then juice when you’re older, it will make the cycle(s) more productive, too.

Wait a minute here, you went on a cycle of test for ten weeks, and when you came off you lost 27 lbs of muscle!? I’ve never ever heard of anybody losing that much. 5 or even 10 lbs I would accept, but you must have done something seriously wrong to lose that much.

i really lost about 10 then i have had some serious depression from breaking up with someone after 2 years, i lost most of it from that, i am just now beginning ot eat again

Well, asking what cycle you should use is a little pointless unless you tell us more about your goals and what gear you can actually get. I can think of about 30 different stacks off the top of my head. Any particular one you had in mind? I would think you’ll want something relatively mild and long lasting since you’re young. Deca and Winny or Primo and Winny are always good choices. Or you could try finasol, which is all but legal here in the states. You just need some Androsol and Nandrosol, and a few cartons of finaplix, a trenbolone acetate implant for cattle. Instructions for making this are in Testosterone paper issue #4. It’s simple, effective, and cheap.

Look, I am not here to flame anyone or start telling people that they shouldn’t do steroids because that is strictly a personal choice. If they weren’t illegal and didn’t have the stigma that surrounds them, I am sure many more would be jumping on the band wagon, however, to tell this 18 year old kid anything other than that he made a huge mistake is ridiculous. He only weighed 160lbs which surprise, surprise is more than what I weighed in highschool. At the age of 25, I am 5’11" 210 at 9% body fat. Did you know that an increase in unnatural testosterone can stunt growth? Did you know that the average man isn’t finished growing until the age of 21? Did you know that it is the conversion of natural testosterone to estrogen that causes bone growth in young men? If you start out using steroids as a crutch, there is no way you will stick with this. Any little life trauma(as you just demonstrated with your break-up) will curtail you directly away from the weight room. The thought of simply increasing the amount of food that you eat never crossed your mind? At a weight of 160lbs the last thing you should be doing is worrying about what to inject. Instead you need to be considering actually training your legs for the first time in your life and building some muscle without chemical assistance. Hey, I like many of the concepts on this board just like the next guy, however, when people start telling someone else what the best cycle is without even asking about their current training or diet, you make every one out there that uses steroids look really bad. No kid at 18 years of age should be injecting before they know what benching at least 225lbs feels like. Until they have added at least 20-30lbs naturally, what the hell are steroids going to do for them? If you can’t gain at all by genetics, you might as well hang it up altogether. Damn, am I the only one that thinks this will make him weaker in the long run, not stronger?
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There is some good advice on this thread Matt. I hope you take it.