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Muscle Mass


How much muscle mass is "normal"? Anybody know of a study or something that has studied this?


This is going to be a good one, in for the lulz


Why? Have I violated an unspoken rule here? I have posted it in the beginners forum after all! (",)


Vague question is vague.

Can you explain further WTF you are asking?


Depends. Here is a good starting point: www.livestrong.com/article/175858-the-average-lean-body-mass/


495 for 6-15


Normal for who? Bodybuilder? Powerlifter? Oly lifter? Couch potato? Hamster?

We don't concern ourselves much with 'normal' here. We just focus on having more than we had last week.


x2 + for a female ? for a male ? for a spesific bodytype? Dwarfs? EXTREMLY tall people? A construction worker ?


I actually have an answer for you: 40% of your mass. Assuming you've got "normal" body composition.

A value for the average 70 kg young healthy male that barely even exists.