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what’s up guys, I’m 16, 5’10’', I weigh about 155, and I bench about 220. But that’s not the problem it’s my legs, they’re kinda slim, and out of propprtion for my upper body. Strength isn’t a problem though i can lift a lot with em it’s just that they’re kinda skinny, I did Ian King’s 12 weeks of pain program but never really made much of a difference. Do any of you know a program/routine that would help me add some size to my quads, calves, glutes, an hamstrings? Thanks again


1)Keep It Basic!

2)Keep It Heavy while maintaing good form and range of motion! (none of that “1-inch Squat-To-Impress” crap!)

3)Prioritize your legs! (Work them first in you overall workout scheme).

4)Lift Hard! Lift Heavy! Go Home!


  1. Squats, Squats and Squats! 3 sets (After Warm-up)

  2. Leg Press…2 sets

  3. Lunges…1-2 sets

  4. Stiff Leg Deadlifts…2 sets

    1)Donkeys 2-3 sets

    2)Seated/Standing/Leg Press Raises (Mix it up)2-3 sets.

Diet. The word is diet. Not some miracle program.

Sounds like you need to eat, my man. At 5’10" 155, you stand to gain a lot of size, especially at 16. The best leg program in the world won’t make your legs bigger if you don’t get your nutrition in line…check out any of the articles on diets on the search engine here, get eatin’, then try another leg program and see what happens.

Uh, I think you did the program wrong. Maybe try to eat a little something extra this time, too.

Of course you guys are right…I was tuned into young guys/beginners mistakes, with two of the biggest being 1)Diet and 2)neglecting legs for the more “showy” muscles of the arms and chest.

So…yes…look at your diet, M, like the guys have suggested. If that is then in order…prioritize those legs with basic, heavy, workouts!

Good luck!

I had the same problem with my legs right before my sophmore year too. My advice to you would be to prioritize your legs both your quads, calves, and yes even your hamstrings. I was advised and used a push/pull routine that worked my quads and hamies twice a week with alternating days.
Squat (parallel)
Front Squat
One Leg Squat

Straight Leg Deadlift
Glute/Ham Raise

Go heavy and hard on all these and get ready to puke quite frequently. :wink: Then get lots of rest and eat ANYTHING that can’t run away faster than you can. (I’m not a Strength Coach but by following these it helped me get ready for college football.)

Best of Luck,

May I suggest that, at your age, you not push it. If you damage the ‘growth plates’ on the ends of your bones, in the future (maybe the far future) you’ll regret pushing for the outward apearance today. Your skeleton will finish growing in your early 20’s. Put off the heavy work for another 5 years (I know you didn’t want to hear that, but…). You’ll have plenty of time to build the legs.

An Old Fart

I see a lot of people your age in the gym doing high reps all the time. Reps of 10-12. Try doing lower reps with heavier weight. Something like 6 sets of 2-4 reps or 5sets x 5 reps. If your gym has a hack squat machine that may be good to mix things up.