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Muscle Mass/Bodyfat Percentage Apps?

Hi all I’ve searched and not found anything answering my question on this. Surely somebody in here has something like these…
I’ve seen all the body fat % scales before and thought they’re probably not very accurate, but I’ve come across these and they have so much info on their app with muscle mass, subq fat, bone density etc, it’s another one where I think it’s a gimmick and probably not accurate. But then I read all the Facebook comments and there’s loads of people saying how great it is. What’s your thoughts and does anyone have one of these?! It’s at getfittrack and these pics are from Facebook comments-

Buddy bought one. It was repeatable but not accurate. I tested the scale and then 30 minutes later had a DEXA scan.

How inaccurate was it a long way out?

Not too bad. I think like 8lbs on LBM.

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I’d recommend holding up a Reebok