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Muscle Lumps?


I have noticed a few lumps in my body. They feel like just a small "lump" under the skin in my muscle. I have one on my leg and one just below my left lat on my back. They get sore to the touch sometimes and the one on my back is kind of aching right now.

I can press on them and rub them and the soreness somewhat goes away for a little bit..

Any idea what the heck this is?


probably your lymph nodes


could be scar tissue or, shit can't remember the name but you might want to try some myofaacial release. if they are bad go to an ART and they will break them up and work out the muscle. is it sore to stratch does it give pain during exercise or does it get better with activity. prob need some more info, my best guess would be "knots" if there are no toehr indications, ie been injecting, of course never heard of anyone injecting into a Lat
just my 2C


Sounds like a trigger point or a stress point to this former massage therapist. A good soft tissue specialist could really help.

Massage therapists with credentials in myofacsial release, neuromuscular therapy, Hellerwork, Rolfing or deep tissue massage would all be good choices. ART gets rave reviews from several denizens of T-Nation, as well.

If your lumps are trigger points, a Swedish massage is more likely to exacerbate your discomfort than aid recovery, so I wouldn't recommend that kind of hands-on work right now.

Good luck.


Go see a doctor.


I'm from Sweden, and yet I feel like I have to ask - what the hell is a Swedish massage?


Swedish massage is a term used to refer collectively to the group of hands-on techniques developed by Per Henrik Ling to improve blood flow to and from skeletal muscle. Google it and learn oh, so much more.


If you get a massage remember to tip well so you can have the happy ending.

oops... i think i just overshared.


I was doing a search on trigger points here on the site this is one of the first threads that popped up. I had some nasty ones in my upper back that I took care of by laying on rocks that where slightly rounded. Ive also discovered one in my vastus laterus that was giving me such vicous knee pain that I havent been able to squat at all in the past year and a half and the damn thing would collapse if I tried to take it past approx. 115 degrees(give or take) with my own bodyweight.

Anyhow, I was looking for some techinques to take it to this one in the outer quad, its not as easy to get leverage on it like the ones in the back were. Im looking for heat/cold, massage techinques, tools(like foam rollers, thera cane) and such. I dont have access to a quatily massage therapist as I am in Afghanistan right now and have to self medicate.

I happen to find the trigger point the other day after rereading my trigger point book and on a hunch started digging in there and found the little bugger. Ive apperantly applied to much direct work to it without massaging the local soft tissue which cause a flare up a pain as of late.