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Muscle Loss Post Cycle


I've done a few cycles, pct is in check, no gyno, very little acne all thanks to this forum. My problem is, during that entire time cycle and pct, I can pack on a lean 10-12 pounds. A few weeks after that, I lose most of it and am almost back to where I started.

I maintain my diet the same constant through the cycle and after, is that my problem? Should I add more carbs when not pinning?

My lifting is consistant with little strength loss after cycle. No change in cardio. I'm pretty sure it's pinned down to my diet.
So I'm looking for advice on keeping my gains while off cycle.
Thanks for the advice.


Best advice I ever got: "be realistic, you're never going to look as good as you do on when you are off". Its foolish to think you're going to maintain the SAME physique

With that being said. Im 2 cycles in and retained a lot of my gains because I made every attempt to maintain the new heavier poundages I was doing on cycle (obviously lost a few reps on my compounds, ie weight I was doing for 8 I can.only get for 5-6). Diet goes without saying

I see way too many guys I.know come off and all of the sudden they go from incline benching 315 to just repping 135 bc "eh.dude im coming off gotta take.it easy"


Have you looked into GH or the GH peptides?


more carbs, more sleep, shorter workouts, less volume but heavy lifting


multivitmains, creatine, beta alanine, leucine..

eat son!!!

oh yeah, no stimulants or cardio


Why No stimulants? Never heard that before.


speeds up metabolism, thats my guess.


The answer depends solely on how advanced you are.

If you are 6ft tall 180 pounds and cant maintain 192lbs, Id say thre is a big problem with your post cycle adjustments.

If you are 6ft 245 and cant maintain 257, well then maybe you need to not come off if you want to hold that weight.


was wondering that too?


well, its sort of a relative thing..

Personally, stimulants such as caffeine stress the fuck out of me. During pct, it is best to avoid stress at all costs.


Thanks all, I do keep heavy weight as much as possible. And I know it's not realistic to think I can keep what I've put on while on cycle. Mr. walkway may have hit it with the no cardio thing. I've never stopped doing cardio. I'm only at 14% bf so still looking to drop that. Never looked at Gh really. Still gotta work the budget.
But thanks for the advise guys.