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Muscle Loss and Other Symptoms

Thanks in advance for any tips or advices.Im wondering if anyone here has had similar aymptoms to these which I have had going on for the past 18 months.
Muscle loss(slow but consistent,can feel bones in places I couldnt before),fat gain,foul smelling stool with mucus stringy bits and seedy pieces,excess smegma,dry cracked lips constantly,red irritated eyelids,brain fog,concentration problems,increase in eczema.

I have seen many gps,been to std clinics three times,been stoll tested twicw,blood tested three times,urine tested three times.
All these tests could detect nothing and all the docs could say was I dont know.Apart from one std doc who suggested I allow them mutilate my foreskin.When I asked how that was going to help with all the other symptoms apart from the smegma he said maybe the rest of your body is reacting to it.I asked how is that possible and he said “I dont know”.I translated that as doctor speak for I dont care whats going on with you but I want your 400 quid so ill suggest this ludicrous procedure anyway.

For me every symptom points towards yeast infection but yeasts have not been detected on the tests.Anyone had success with clearing similar symptoms or have any advice it would be much appreciated.
Thank you

Wow, sorry to hear you’re going through this. I can’t imagine what it’s like.

I’m no doctor, and these symptoms could be most anything, but I assume the docs have eliminated the obvious causes.

Just as a thought, has anyone tested for celiac disease? You know, tested for antibodies? Or ran tests for any other digestive system disorders?

Thanks for your reply TC.
In two of the tests I which were done I was tested for gluten intolerance/gluten sensitivity.
The first one was a free blood test done by the nhs(I live in London,Uk).That showed negative but I doubt it was the most reliable test all the same as the nhs has an extremely poor reputation.

The second test was a stool test which I paid for privately to be sent to a lab.Ditto negative for gluten intolerance again.
Also at this point of my life I eat a lot less gluten than previously,although I am not ruling it out completely.There is now cyrex testing for gluten intolerance available in the UK,I will give this a go after Xmas when I have cash to spare again.I believe these tests are classed as being very accurate in the US.

As for the symptoms most of them I can live with but if the muscle loss continues that will piss me off as bones can now be prominently felt in places I couldnt feel them at all before.
Thanks again and if you come up with any ideas let me know please

Sorry to hear about these issues man. How old are you? What’s your diet like? Supplements taken? I remember having to adjust my diet due to some stool problems. I’m a little lactose and allergic to gluten a bit I believe. I’ve changed up my diet and it has helped. Maybe there’s something you’re missing in your diet??