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Muscle Logic


I just recieved the book Muscle Logic in the mail and started reading it and I have to say its pretty boring. I have bad comprehension but Im not sure what he's saying in here -does anyone out there know. He talks about doing 10 sets of 3 and 10 sets of 5 but he never explains about if you change weight during this. I can lift 260 3 times but certainly can't lift it again 3 times I'd be too fatigued from the first set.

When I lift I warm up and then I start heavy and go lighter as I lose power. Besides If I do 10 sets at the gym people will think im crazy. Well I doubt anyone out there read this book but if you can shed some light on it let me know -thanks


Many of your 10x3 etc answers can be solved by reading Chad Waterbury's programs.

Do an author search and he has an article or two Just on that rep/set range.

Oh and its NOT crazy per say and can be VERY effective.

Hope that Helps,


If I do 10 x 3 do I change the weight throughout the sets


The 3x10 and 10x3 example Staley presents towards the beginning is just to show how to manage fatigue. He uses the two imaginary trainees, each one doing their respective training protocol (IE- trainee 1 does 3x10, trainee 2 does 10x3). Basically, everything, including the weight they each use, is the same in the example, except for the set/rep scheme. Basically, the one using 10x3 with the weight used in the 3x10 set/rep scheme is being more efficient in managing fatigue (which means optimal performance). Towards the end, he goes on to talk about the average force per set or per rep or something. The 3x10 set/rep scheme trainee's average force output is lower than the 10x3 trainee's force output. Same amount of reps total, same load, but they each out put a different average force, meaning they will have different results despite pretty much the same variables, with the exception of how it's all arranged.

10x3 waterbury style is insane, but works!:smiley:


but do I change the weight during the 10 sets


I read "Muscle Logic" last month and thought it was great. Of course I just finished 3 months of training with Charles Staley, so I "got it" pretty easily. It's mostly about EDT - Escalating Density Training.

EDT is very different from the typical workout, but it is much more functional and is pretty fun once you get into it. Trying to beat your previous numbers each workout is very motivating. Within each time block, you keep the weight the same and do as many reps as possible.

Coach Staley has some articles here on the site that explain EDT better than I can. He also posts in the Author's Locker Room occasionally where you can ask him questions.

I hope that helps. Good luck!




You shouldn't need to change the weight because you won't be going to failure. I don't think you get that to do 10x3 a la Waterbury, you need to leave a rep or two in the hole on the first set, so make it 10x3 with a weight you could rep 5 times when fresh.

Hope that clears things up.


PLEASE do us and YOU a favor and READ. Take it into your own hands a bit. I and others pointed you in the right direction bro. All the answers are there just a waiting you to open then and READ them.

Come on Back with further questions and comments after you do,

Hope that helps,