Muscle-Link: Cort-Bloc

I am 17 years old, and am a frequent bodybuilder. My workouts usually extend into 3 hours or so. My friend advised me to look into “Cort-Bloc”, he said since my workouts last so long, and I workout 5 days a week, I could make great gains off this. Please inform me.

Save your money and learn how train in a more efficient manner. Read Shugart’s “youth gone wild” article at t-mag.

Is this a joke? Three hours?! Cut it down to just one and you’ll triple your gains.

And besides the training error, a cortisol
blocker that actually worked would be disastrous. I consider the whole “cortisol
blocking” thing to be a scam.

Before you get Cort bloc-try shortening your workouts to a MAXIMUM of one hour per session.Do NO aerobics. Work out a bodypart twice a week. Monday-Tuesday (REST) Thursday-Friday-and REST on Saturday and Sunday. You’re only 17 you should be growing like crazy at you age with just food and rest.

When i first read this i thought it was a joke, and then i saw that someone else said this already. Where have you been? I barely train for 3 hours in the whole week put together. Why do you need to train so long? You need to find a job or something.

While 3 hours is too long you wouldn’t need to lower cortisol levels with cort-bloc anyway as your bodies cortisol levels drop naturally after the first hour of intense activity. Also, Bill - you think reducing cortisol levels doesn’t work? I’ve seen a huge amount of attention among olympic competitors to take Phosp + 1000mg of VitC an hour before cranking it up. Also, there’s some interesting studies (in Australia I believe) that show positive results with 800mg of Phosph. By the way Cort Bloc has it wrong anyway, they don’t use enough Phosph.

Raymond, Raymond, Raymond, what the hell are you doing?? Who told you to train 3 hrs a day/5 days a week? They were wrong!!! You should do a full body routine, 2 to 3 times a week max, using only compound movements (Squats should be first on that list, standing shoulder presses to the front, power cleans, high pulls, deadlifts, bent over barbell rows), and each work out should last 45 min, 1 hour max!!! Eat alot of protein, eat alot of good quality carbs and fat, get 8 hrs of sleep a nite, drink lots of water, and say your prays everyday, and at your age you will grow like a weed, and get real strong. And after you do a few years of that type of training, working up to real poundages, then worry about doing more advanced bodybuilding type routines.