Muscle Kitchen Log Time

G’DAY guys i’ll throw down a few stats then to begin with

weight -97kg (218lbs)
years training- 7 (note very broken up from things like being away with army,serious injury,OE, etc.)

Attached image is roughly 2 weeks ago i had been keeping my calories very low for the last 3 months around 2100-2600 a day with the odd large cheat day. i have upped my calories significantly over the last 10 days from fat (not counting calories) eating alot more whole eggs,bacon chicken thighs etc and i am now sitting at 97 from 95 in the picture (slightly softer in midsection). starting on the 10th of October 14 ill be back to counting calories looking to add roughly .3-5kgs a week using recommendation from Ben Pakulskis mi40x which has my calories sitting at 4000 calories if i start to add fat to quickly i will adjust though.

Sorry to waffle on

Training - Following Bpaks mi40x real change for me previously using Thibs 20 minute muscle builder for 8 weeks but was also biking about 40-50km a day( my car got wiped out and didn’t have insurance not by my own choice haha)

Looking good il be following along. Will you be putting up your daily macros etc aswell?

Yea bro will be putting up daily break down of calories and training.

9/10/14 Chest/front delt/Biceps

Incline BB Bench Press (shoulder-width-grip) 4x10 4-0-1-0 40 sec rest

B Incline BB Bench Press (4" wider than shoulder width) 4x10 + NOS
(last set) 4-1-1-0 40 secs

C Flat DB Flys 4 x15 + NOS
(last set) 4-1-1-0 40 sec rest

D1 Cable Crossovers 3x15 4-1-1-0

D2 Plyo Push Up 3 x21 4-0-1-0

D3 Plate ?Bus Driver? Front Raises 3x12 4-0-1-0 40 secs

E1 One-Arm Standing Dumbbell Curls 4x12 4-0-1-1
E2 Prone 45º Barbell Spider Curls (elbows in) 4 8 + NOS
(last set) 4-0-1-0 40 sec res

Alot of strange looks today since i was strugling with just the bar on my last set of inclines haha defenitly takes some getting used to using Bpaks style of training. Definitly a bit healthier on the joints though since your really focusing on the squeeze and muscle rather than just moving the weight.

9/10/14 Totals

pro 343

fat 125

carbs 260

total 3537

Seated Cable Row (shoulder-width grip, bar to sternum) 4 x10 4-0-1-2 40 secs rest
Bent Barbell Rows (outward intention) 6x 14,10,7 7,10,14 4-0-1-0 40 secs rest
Reverse Grip (Assisted) Pull Ups 4 x10 + NOS
(last set) 4-0-1-0 40 secs

Supine 60º Incline Cable Pulldowns 4x 10 4-0-1-0 40 secs rest

E1 Bent Over Dumbbell Lateral Raises 4 10 + NOS
(last set) 4-0-1-0
E2 Bent Over Cable Lateral Raises 4 10 + NOS
(last set) 4-0-1-0 40 secs

F1 Double-Rope Pressdowns with elbows behind 3 15 2 sec
isometric 4-0-1-2
F2 Decline (slight) Barbell Tricep Extensions 3 7 4-0-1-0 40 secs

Really good pump on the rear delts today never felt them contract so well. Its only been 2 days but im reaaly enjoying this style of training so far hopefully pays off.

Sorry to ask but are you running a cycle along with this regime? Also how often are you weighing yourself? doing measurements?

Na bro ive never truly followed a body building program so want to see where i can get with this natural, might jump on a low dose test cycle in 6-8 months but it will be while cutting not bulking i assume. going to weigh my self 2-3 times a week first thing in the morning. and no i should be but I’m just going to go off photos/mirror.

Pro 430
Fat 142
Carbs 290

4158 calories

high as i worked to 3am and had a extra meal before bed. On these days i just each less the next day.

Leg Extensions 4x 7 4-0-1-(5-7) 40 secs

One-Leg Leg Press - feet high
3x 21 4-0-1-0 40 secs

Barbell Back Squats 4x 21,14,10, 21 4-0-1-0 40 secs

Leg Press (feet low) 4x 10 NOS
(last set) 4-0-1-0 80 secs

Seated Leg Curls 1x 21 4-0-1-0

hiit on bike 4x20 sec 2mins steady.

Dosent look like much but this killed me. i dropped 2 sets of hamstring curls at the end as im trying to bring my quads and stop my hamstrings from taking over during compound lifts. I’ve also brought my stance in to shoulder width on the back squat my depth isnt as great but feels alot better and dosnet hit the glutes so hard.

Pro 340

Fat 150

Carb 272

3806 calories

probably palecbo but i have starting adding 7-10gs of barley/wheat grass powder with my post workout shake and meal and i feel like im alot less sore the next day. Doing this for the supposed alkalising effect from the greens mix.

A1 Barbell Preacher Curls 4x 7 5 sec
isometric 4-0-1-5
A2 Incline Dumbbell Curls 4 x7 NOS-X
(last set) 4-0-1-0 40 secs

B -One-Arm High Cable Curls 4 x15 4-0-1-0 0 (40 after
final set)

C- Incline Dumbbell Press 4 x12 4-0-1-0 40 secs

D Machine Chest Press (any) 4x 12 7 sec
eccentric 7-1-1-1 40 secs

E1- Prone 75º Incline Dumbbell Lateral Raises 3x 12 4-0-1-0
E2- Bent-Over Cable Lateral Raises
(right across body, elbows locked) 3 x12 2-1-1-1
E3- Standing Cable Lateral Raises
(straight-arms, no movement at elbow) 3 x12 4-0-1-0 40 secs

pro 370

fat 99

carbs 310

Never heard of mi40x but it looks good.

Looks like delts get split up, spread out, and paired with different body parts throughout the week…I really like that approach and I bet that frequency pays off.

Good luck with the program, I’ll be following.