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Muscle Itchiness

I know it sounds weird. I’m one of those on-going beginners who’s finally getting their act together and getting more serious about training.

I’m following the beginner training program from the V-Diet. Only substitutions there is I’m training from home and don’t have the lat pulldown machine. Though from what I gather from the guys in T-Cell, rows are more effective than pull downs. Once the strength is high enough I’ll find a way to do pull-ups and chin-ups.

Regarding post-workout soreness. I feel soreness come in about 36h after the workout, but not my back. Between and under my scapulae I feel a deep itchiness in the muscle that I’ve never experienced. Is this a micro form of soreness?

No current medical conditions that would explain this, either.

Thanks in advance.

Could be slight soreness, or possible a signal that the affected muscles are overly tight.

Have you tried stretching?

Good point about the tightness. Likely I’m using the rhomboids, lats, and sub/super/supra-scapularis as they are not used to.

I’ll do the stretching and some foam rolling. Try to get the girlfriend to push the shoulder socket back and dig under the scapula.